"connect yourself"

We are specialists in the management of psychological coaching processes on an individual and/or corporate basis, supported by more than ten years of daily practice, with unique, exceptional results.

Psychological coaching is a learning process for excellence, which promotes the development of skills, along with human potential, in the personal and/or professional sphere, aiming at increasing performance and well-being.


Development of self-awareness.
Management of significant decision-making processes.
Emotional management and regulation.
Optimal management of Leadership processes.
Development of behavioural skills (Communication, Teamwork, Stress and Anxiety Management, etc.).


"human performance specialists"

Based on rich and diverse experience, we are dedicated to the continuous construction of training processes and models, based on specific technical and scientific methods that are adjusted to the needs of each organization and/or professional.

Professional training is based on the development of learning processes, which allow for greater functional and organisational integration, as well as promoting career development and preparation when up against challenges and difficulties.


Design of plans, models and training programs (short or long term; event; online ; outdoor training ).
Behavioral Training.
Psychological Skills.
Team Development.
Emotions Management.
Stress and Anxiety management.


"we build bridges"


Use of diagnostic tools.
Adaptation specific to the context.
Performance supported by scientific models.
Creation of internal development plans.
Identification of suggestions for improvement.
Ethical and deontological rigor.


Performance and effort Evaluation.
Measurement of Customer Satisfaction.
Support for the development of Communication (Internal and External).
Development of Leadership processes.
Analysis of Services and Products.
Diagnosis for the management and development of teams.
Consideration of loyalty and retention processes.


"playing your future"

We create solutions adapted to different organizational and professional realities, responding to qualitatively more specific recruitment needs, as well as to projects that require a greater number of resources, based on a perspective of partnership and support.

Recruitment and selection has become a key aspect for organisational success and performance, meeting the unstable paradigm in the work world, where precision in the hiring of a candidate equals cost saving and profitability of return.


Selection of superior technicians.
headhunting processes (top management).
Group assessments.
Start-up or restarting projects.
Situational Evidence and/or methodologies.
Operational recruitment.


"Optimize`it! Life, Business, Performance!"

Since 2006 we have dedicated ourselves to collaborating with different organisations and/or individuals in the behavioral domain, aiming at the optimization of human performance, through these services.

The operating principles by which we govern our activity are responsibility, ethical awareness, competence, excellence and creativity.

Our vision is a society and a more coherent socio-professional context, based on the adaptation of best practices in human terms, aiming at productivity and well-being.

The Lighthouse on dry land represents the illuminates of the clouds and darkness. The anchor, compass and rudder are symbolic figures of navigation that metaphorically relate to the importance and relevance of our activity for the benefit of organisations, teams and professionals.



Rua da Igreja, R/C
8100-333 Vale Judeu, Loulé, Algarve
(Near the main entrance to Vilamoura)


10:00 - 19:00h (Public)


(+351) 910 352 669 / 965 589 548

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